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Diversity and human connection are our superpowers. People of all ages, at all life stages, from different cultures, organisations and countries, participate together in purposeful exploration.

Our 3 online workshops - IDENTITY, INTENT, ACTION - are designed to help you explore your purpose and reshape your work and life around what's most important to you. Our facilitators brief all participants on each of the 12 workshop exercises which are then completed in breakout groups of 3-4 people.


Everyone explores their own purpose in the context of others exploring theirs. The diversity of stories, perspectives and experiences creates the perfect environment for self-exploration.

"I really enjoyed the workshop. Have been feeling a bit 'stuck' recently and this workshop really made me reflect on the important things in life and gave me the motivation to start planning a future towards retirement and beyond."

"Great reinforcement exercise! Identity is not just what I think, it’s what others see in me. And intent, it’s how do I get there."

"That we are all human is sometimes lost in the digital age.  :-)"

"Thinking about all the things that are important –

we don't often do this."

"I now know

I’m not alone."

"This is such a great initiative. I'm delighted I found you."

"Liberating and empowering to think this through."

Workshop 1:   IDENTITY
Reaffirm who you are, where your passions lie; what matters most to you; and the incredible value you have to offer. A focus on the past and present tense.

Workshop 2:   INTENT
Visualise your future self: The person you want to be; the way you want to feel;  the relationships you want to build; the difference you want to make; the paths you want to take.

Workshop 3:   ACTION
Create your unique purpose plan. Explore how to incorporate purpose into your everyday life and work. Start small and easy. Build incrementally. Be authentically YOU. Realise the benefits.

The Purpose Xchange toolkits and workbooks
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