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A community of purposeful people. Imagine the impact.

-   Remind yourself about what matters most.
-   Reaffirm the value you offer.
-   Meet other purposeful people.
-   Learn, share, find support, grow.
-   Build confidence, resilience and positivity in your future.
-   Make positive changes in your attitude and behaviour.
-   Participate. Be curious, inspired. 


could be the most significant 90 minutes of your adult life.

Workshop 1:   IDENTITY

Reaffirm who you are, where your passions lie. what matters most to you, and the incredible value you have to offer.

Workshop 2:   INTENT

Visualise your future self: The person you want to be; the way you want to feel;  the relationships you want to enjoy; the difference you want to make.

Workshop 3:   ACTION

Explore how to incorporate purpose into your everyday life and work. Start small and easy. Build incrementally. Be authentically YOU. Realise the benefits.

image describing the 3 workshop workbooks - identity, intent and action - with total of more than 100 pages
image describing the 3 elements of The Purpose Xchange product - the workshops, the community and the impact

The purpose flow...

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