The Xchange is where the magic happens. 


Workshop 1:
Purpose is personal

Online Zoom workshop, 1hr 45min

The perfect place to begin your purposeful future. Explore your Identity, your Intent and the Actions to get you where you want to be. Reaffirm what matters most to you. Understand what might be getting in your way. Reprioritise your life. 


Workshop 2:
Self worth

Online Zoom workshop, 1hr 45min

This is the real heart of it. Exploring all that you've acquired along the way - your skills, capabilities and passions. Understanding your economic as well as social value, and how they can guide your purposeful future.


Purpose Missions:
Changing the world for the better 

This is where the real action occurs and impact is made. Members and their project teams collaborate around the world to deliver social and environmental impact. 


Workshop 3:
Making progress

Online Zoom workshop, 1hr 45min

Explore human connection, relationships, trust, the art of conversation, finding your purpose team and thriving through change. 


Monthly Xchanges:
Reflection Purpose Pods
& expert speakers

Online Zoom workshop, 1hr 15min

Members must attend Workshop 1 before participating in the Monthly Xchanges.

The regular drop-in session for members to share and learn together, and build forward momentum. A session entirely dedicated to YOU. Illuminated with expert speakers.


Celebrating success

Once a year, we will get together to share some of the incredible stories of accomplishment, learning and success that have emerged from our members as they explore their new purpose-led future.