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Design your purpose-led


Our 4 interactive workshops will help you consider what will make your non-retirement purposeful. We can help you see things differently, discover overlooked strengths, get unstuck, and keep going. All our exercises and toolkits are unique to The Purpose Xchange. They've been developed over many years through the experiences of people just like you.  

Workshops 1, 2 and 3 can be done in any order. At least one of Workshops 1, 2 or 3 should be completed before you attend the regular Purpose Community gatherings.

The Purpose Workshops

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WS1: What really matters? What's getting in the way?

Exploring and reaffirming what matters most to you, what's really important. Figuring out why you've drifted, and how to get back on track. Identifying what might be standing in the way, and developing strategies for getting unstuck, removing barriers and obstacles. Getting going again.

WS2: Converting your social & economic worth into purpose goals.

Evaluation of the skills and experience you have built up along the way. Your strengths, gaps and blind spots. Creating your very first Social CV to complement your Economic CV. Introducing you to purpose planning and goal-setting.

WS3: You cannot do it all alone. Conversation, connection & change.

Exploring the power of human connection. Evaluating all the networks and relationships that can help you achieve your goals. Learning the art of conversation - the fundamental life force of all relationships. Developing strategies to build confidence, avoiding procrastination and achieving your goals. Thriving through change.

The Purpose Community: The regular gathering of graduate purpose-seekers.

Our members who have graduated from the workshops meet regularly to share, learn and support one another in their pursuit of purpose. This powerful multinational gathering builds trust, wisdom, confidence and inspiration for our idividual and collective futures.

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