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The Purpose Xchange is building a global network of purposeful people, of all ages

and at all life stages, who want to live, work and contribute in meaningful ways.

The Programme





Take a snapshot of where your purpose is right now with our "Purpose Polaroid". Measure the progress you're making over time.

Attend the workshops and immerse yourself in purposeful exploration. Learn more about the value you offer; develop inspiring plans for your future; and create the change you've always wanted to make.

Participate in the regular Monthly Xchanges where members from around the world gather to meet, share, learn and be accountable.


Align with the work you do to convert purpose into action and impact. Work with colleagues to build purpose leadership within your organisation and scale the impact with other purposeful companies in our "Co-Design Labs".

Workshop Toolkits
Thumbnails from our unique 60-page workshop toolkit

The Purpose Paradigm


For organisations

Empower and inspire.

Invite your employees to explore purpose alignment with your organisational culture and brand values.

Engage and retain.

Enhance your employer value proposition by offering continuous purpose training and access to a human-centred purpose network.


Boost productivity.

Build confidence, positivity, mental wellbeing and participation by empowering employees to kindle their personal purpose.

Intergenerational cohesion.

Purpose binds people of all ages, life stages, cultures, work levels and backgrounds.

Build interdependence.

Cooperate with other organisations around tactical ESG delivery, aligned with UN SDGs, to scale positive impact.

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