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Everyone's purpose journey is unique, and yet it's what we share in common that makes the pursuit of purpose so powerful.

Belong to our global community of purposeful people and explore your unique story arc.

"It was hard because I've lost sight of my purpose - hence my being here - so I struggled somewhat with pinpointing my identity in an honest way (without being trite).

"My overview at this early stage is that there are a lot pf people like myself out there who are all on the same roundabout with no exits. I'm looking forward to the exit paths appearing as the choices become clearer." 

"It takes some unpacking to get to the true answers. I feel like we have just started to scratch the surface."

"It's good to think about the whole person. I am ok with Identity, perhaps I need more thought on Intent."

"It's a new experience - opening up so much about myself."

"It felt comfortable. Honest"

"Helpful to find concerns from all ages."

"I'm not the only one."

Anxiety and lack of confidence are the biggest barriers. And they're the most movable ones!"

Purpose journeys are not only personal.
They can be organisational too.


Purpose Journey


Explore who you are, what matters most, and the value you offer.

Meet and hear the stories and perspectives of people around the world.

Shape the ADOPTs into your unique purpose plan.

Lean into your work and life. Be bolder, participate more. Feel more connected, valued.

Join the community on our platform. Connect with other purpose explorers.


Represent your organisation at the CoLabs. Explore the practice of purpose and purposeful leadership at work.

Join a Purpose Mission and make and make real meaningful positive change.

1. The 3 workshops*

2. The 11 ADOPTs**

3. Monthly Xchanges

4. The Platform

5. CoLabs

6. Purpose Missions

    Identity, Intent, Action

**  Assorted Directions of

        Purposeful Travel

It can take just 5-10% of your workforce exploring their purpose to cultivate a purposeful culture. 

Create a purpose employee resource group (ERG). Connect the top-down ESG vision with a grassroots movement for positive change.


Engage and retain your

workers; improve wellbeing and productivity; and transform your approach to diversity and inclusion.


Explore the practice of purpose with other organisations in the CoLabs. 

Understand the commonality of needs, wants and values across the life course.

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