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We are making discoveries and breaking new ground at the confluence of work, life and society. Purpose in work inspires deeper connections and authentic storytelling. It's part of our human DNA. Let's embrace it and bring it to the fore. 

Our Intelligence Unit is driving new thinking and innovation in human resources, brand impact and business strategy.

HR benefits
Purpose boosts engagement, retention, productivity, wellbeing, inclusivity, culture, and more..

ESG impact
Purpose inspires leadership. It connects top-down ESG vision with bottom-up tactical delivery capability.

Practice of purpose
Participate in the CoLabs with other likeminded organisations to explore the practice and economic benefits of purpose.

Trends analysis
Our analysis of the anonymised, aggregated narrative and stories across our workshops, events and community platform are making surprising discoveries about the needs, wants and values across the life-course.

Understand the impact of purpose on your organisation against others in your sector.

Systems change
We're exploring how purpose can lead to positive change at scale in key areas, such as lifelong learning; intergenerational cohesion; longer working lives; behavioural change; ecosystem integration.

Intergenerational value and longer lives
Our research discovered that economic purpose is the most powerful motivational force held in common by adult of all ages.

Future of work
Members' conversations are providing richer content about working practice than online surveys ever could.

Interdependence and cooperation
The safe, open and trusted environments we cultivate are creating powerful places for learning and collaboration.

Authentic language, stories
We're moving beyond assumptions and stereotypes into a new realm of real language and stories for real people.

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