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Dr Jonathan Collie

Jonathan Collie
Design Lead

Focus: Continuous improvement of the purpose-led non-retirement curriculum and The Purpose Xchange business model. Ensure members are heard, heeded, their needs met and expectations exceeded.

I enjoy puzzles and solving problems. I have been exploring challenges and opportunities in ageing and retirement for more than 10 years now. Trading Times, The Age of No Retirement, The Common Room and now The Purpose Xchange have all contributed to the movement to deconstruct retirement, and replace it with empowerment, freedom, choice and opportunity. I am driven by the opportunity to make positive, enduring change, for us all as we age, and for our societies, because we must.

My purpose path has been long and winding, through clinical practice, corporate management and social enterprise. And it has led me here.  This is where I can make the biggest difference.

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Deb Gale
Community Lead

Focus:  Maintaining the buzz of the community. Listening to members. Responding to their needs and wants. Connecting people. Building relationships.

Following an MBA-enabled international finance career in Silicon Valley, I retrained with a masters in Ageing and Public Policy. I entered the social enterprise world 7 years ago with The Age of No Retirement, followed by Encore Fellows UK in 2019.  I’m committed to helping  people recognize and utilize their value, across the life course, because we all benefit when our world is being consciously designed inclusively, for all ages.

In the words of my hero, Erma Bombeck:  “At the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”

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Julia Randell-Khan
Partnership Lead

Focus: Share the Purpose Xchange widely. Create excitement to collaborate with us to help build a purposeful non-retirement future for all.

At 55 I decided to make the unconscious conscious and create my own roadmap for transition from a long legal career into my what-next in life. The last 6 years have included a return to school at Stanford University and research at their Center on Longevity’s New Map of Life project, working with, setting up the Encore Fellowships programme in the UK and joining the Modern Elder Academy.


By widening my circle it made me see what I could do differently. I've got used to feeling in limbo which allows me to try new things and let some things go. I'm an enthusiastic advocate for encore careers and using our collective talents for social change.

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Deborah Gale
Julia Randell-Khan
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