Connecting purposeful people.

Imagine the impact.

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The Workshops

Our unique curriculum of 3 workshops offers a framework for exploring purpose.
All the workshops are 1 hr 45 min in duration, delivered on Zoom.
Multiple date & time options available.

Purpose is Personal

Who are you?
The Purpose Paradigm
What matters most?
What's getting in the way?

Self worth

Skills and strengths
Areas for development
Your social value
Purpose into action


Making progress

Build your purpose team
The art of conversation
Comfort in discomfort
Avoid getting stuck


Workshop Toolkit



The Curriculum is just the start.
Members continue to connect, learn and explore. Supporting each other along their purpose journeys.

Members are encouraged to explore and develop future options along one or more
of the 5 directions of
purposeful travel.

Monthly Xchanges

The 5 directions of purposeful travel

Work & career
Learning & self-development
Giving back & volunteering
Creative expression

Expert speakers

Tell your story

Become a purpose storyteller. Share your discoveries and achievements. Choose
your next story.

Make connections

Build relationships with other purposeful people around the world. Get inspired. Inspire others.

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The Network

Reflect, learn, share with purpose-led people from around the world.
Peer-based "Purpose Pods".

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The Flowback

Get expert advice about the 5 directions of purposeful travel.

The benefits and impacts are substantial - for you and those closest to you, for the work you do, and for the community in which you live.


Discover fulfilment in

work and life.

Find enjoyment in work.

Embrace your skills, experience and wisdom.

Participate, contribute,

get involved.


Boost your confidence

& courage.

Find fulfilment.

Adjust your attitude.

Remove obstacles.

Feel a sense of accomplishment.

Wisdom Circles

Create purpose

leadership at work.

Help drive ESG, L&D, D&I and other transformational programs.

Purposeful people offer enormous value in the workplace.

Purpose Missions

Collaborate with Purpose Xchange members around the world to fix what's broken, right wrongs and generally make the world a better place.

For organisations

Explore the impact The Purpose Xchange can have on your organisation with a simple, affordable 6-month pilot.

Select your target employee population by using filters of Age and/or Tenure.

Identify the KPIs that are most important to your organisation right now, and we'll explain how our outcomes and impacts are measured.

Continue your successful pilot as a retirement readiness training programme for your older and most experienced workers.

It has the added benefit of also exploring the future of work, retaining older workers and extending careers.


Build purpose Wisdom Circles and benefit from purposeful leadership within your organisation.