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Frequently asked questions:

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  • How can I join The Purpose Xchange?
    Click the Join button in the top menu on any page of the website ( and pay the subscription fee. Upon completion of successful payment, you will be invited to click the link to the registration page for you to join The Purpose Xchange. Complete the registration form, including your username email and password. Please keep these safe. After subscribing and registering, you can login whenever you want via the button in the top right-hand corner of our homepage -
  • Who can be a member of The Purpose Xchange?
    Anyone 18 years of age or older. You do not need to be in, or approaching the (non-)retirement phase of your life. In these rapidly-evolving times, particularly with regards the nature of work, we should all be more mindful of our purpose and the difference we can make throughout our longer lives. There is no time like the present for getting started, and The Purpose Xchange is the perfect place to do that.
  • Do you have to live in the UK to be a member?
    No. Membership is open to the world.
  • Is The Purpose Xchange only online?
    Yes, as we get underway. But our plans are to hold local, regional in-person events in time.
  • How old do you have to be to be a member?
    The Purpose Xchange is open to all adults over the age of 18.
  • Do I need to attend a minimum number of events?
    No. Nor do you need to attend events in any particular order. The only recommendation we make is that you try complete course no. 1 (The Purpose Paradigm) or live workshop no.1 (Purpose is Personal) before you attend the Monthly Xchanges.
  • How much time or effort will being a member require?
    That depends. Anything from nothing to a lot. You can complete the all the self-driven courses and attend all the live workshops and events, or you can dip in and out of the forums and connect with other members as the need arises. How involved you are is up to you. What we can say is that the more you participate the more you will benefit and grow as a person.
  • How much does it cost to join The Purpose Xchange?
    The subscription fee for individuals in GBP24.00 per annum, paid in advance annually. You will be emailed a reminder 7 days before your next year's subscription is due. Companies may join on behalf of their employees. The subscription fee for companies depends on the size and demographic profile of their workforce or selected employee group.
  • What do I have to pay for at The Purpose Xchange?
    The annual subscription fee is fully inclusive and subscriber members have unlimited access to all self-driven courses, live Zoom workshops & events, specialist forums and social networking tools to connect with other members.
  • What is the purpose of The Purpose Xchange?
    Our purpose is to help our members discover theirs. Our mission is to build a large global network of purposeful people and convert their latent potential into positive action and impact.
  • What is the vision of The Purpose Xchange?
    The vision of The Purpose Xchange is described on our website's landing (Home) page.
  • How is The Purpose Xchange funded?
    The Purpose XChange is funded through subscriber revenues. We are hugely indebted to our members for their support and participation. Our members are everything to us. Without them, we are nothing.
  • Who owns The Purpose Xchange?
    The Purpose Xchange is an independent self-governed start-up, wholly owned by its three co-founders: Dr Jonathan Collie, MBChB, MBA; Julia Randell-Khan, LLB, LLM; Deborah Gale, MA, MBA.
  • Can a company or organisation join?
    Absolutely! The Purpose Xchange is a powerful mechanism for building a purpose-driven workforce culture. Engagement, retention, productivity and wellbeing are all positively impacted through the exploration of purpose. Companies can offer The Purpose Xchange to their entire workforce or adjust the age- and/or tenure-sliders to invite a subset of their workforce to join. To find out more, please email us:
  • How do I login after registering?
    After subscribing and completing the registration form (including assigning your username email and password), you may login via the "login" button in the top-right corner of our homepage -
  • How do members communicate and stay in touch with each other?
    Your team can use whatever channel or platform you like to communicate amongst yourselves. A high performing team needs to stay in touch! Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Drive, Zoom (there are many, many others) can all be used to complement the regular use of texts, emails and phone calls.
  • Who started The Purpose Xchange?
    The PX∆ has evolved from The Age of No Retirement CIC, and leveraging much of the purpose curriculum it developed for The Common Room service (2017-2020). Jonathan Collie, Julia Randell-Khan and Deborah Gale are the joint founders, developers and leaders of The Purpose Xchange.
  • How do you manage and store our personal information? (GDPR)
    The privacy policies relating to The Purpose Xchange website and its affiliate platforms may be found via the links below: Our website: Our subscriptions: Our learning and impact platform:
  • How can I stop being a member and delete my records, and stop getting newsletters and updates?
    All of our newsletters have an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom which you can click to stop receiving our newsletters and updates. For subscriber members, you may cancel your membership at any time from your logged-in profile page. Cancellation of your membership will delete your record from our database.
  • Can I sell my own services to members of The Purpose Xchange community?
    You are more than welcome to share what you do with other members of The Purpose Xchange. We would discourage any hard selling and coercion, but peer-to-peer informal recommendations and personal advice is encouraged. If you have a solution which you think would benefit lots of members, and which is accessible and affordable, then please let us know. It could be something we'd like to add to our preferred partner services listing.
  • Who are the advisors to The Purpose Exchange?
    Please see the "About us" page on our website for the full list of names and profiles of each of our advisors.
  • Are Purpose Xchange workshops delivered in languages other than English?
    At the present time we are only offering The Purpose Xchange curriculum in English, however we do plan to offer workshops in other languages as demand increases globally.
  • May I attend any of the workshops and events more than once?
    Yes! The live workshops and events contain 1000s of hours of research, experimentation, development, testing and improvement. Each workshop is unique due the involvement of different participants each time - all with different perspectives, experiences, values, cultural backgrounds and capabilities. The breakout rooms for the completion of each exercise therefore offer very different learning experiences each time you participate!
  • How is the impact of The Purpose Xchange measured and recorded?
    The impact of The Purpose Xchange is measured in 3 keys ways: Quantitative participation: e.g. membership, attendance, contributions, participation. Quantitative impact (via email surveys): e.g. improvements in performance, attitude, wellbeing, outlook, work, fulfilment. Qualitative impact (via consensual member stories): e.g. measuring change, action, attitudes, diversity, barriers, new-normal. Details of the impacts created will be published in The Purpose Xchange's annual impact report.
  • Does The Purpose Xchange provide funding to help members deliver impact projects?
    Not right now, but this is something we will be reviewing regularly.
  • Who owns the intellectual property of members' ideas and innovations within The Purpose Xchange?
    The Purpose Xchange operates under the Creative Commons license rules, whereby all new intellectual property developed and shared openly within the platform is freely and publicly available. It is therefore permissible for all members to build on this new intellectual property in developing projects, social enterprises, charities or other services and organisations outside of The Purpose Xchange. Members are, or course, perfectly entitled to keep their inventions under wraps should they wish to use it for a new start-up or as subject matter for a new book, for example.
  • Is The Purpose Xchange a non-profit organisation?
    No, but we do behave like a social enterprise. We believe in doing good ethical business, in selling highly-valued services and in making enough money to be financially sustainable. We believe that reasonable profitability is a good thing as it will enable us to continue to grow and innovate, and support our members in achieving their purpose. We are fully independent and wholly owned by our founders.
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