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We are a design-led social enterprise. We work at grassroots level with people just like you. We listen, we observe, we involve everyone, we test, and we listen some more. The services we offer are authentically human. 

Our 10 principles of purposeful design underpin how we work.

1. Safe & Secure
Having your rights of safety, privacy, information security looked after. Being respectful of personal rights and not discriminating.

2. Human Connection
Helping you feel connected to other people. Ensuring conversations are taking place and people are being heard.

3. Clear & Intuitive
Being easy to understand, or easy to work out how to use.

4. Flexibility
Being given choice, being easy to adapt and meeting people where they are in their journey.

5. Free of time pressure
Optimising your use of time, not being too slow or too fast.

6. Effort
Either needing the right level of physical or mental effort, or easy in terms of the senses, e.g. sight and sound.

7.  Delightful
Finding things to be pleasing, beautiful or enjoyable.

8. Empowering
Feeling that things contribute to self and social worth, or that they help people's development and autonomy.

9. Accessible
Being easy to find, reach or use, whether online or off. Being accessible as and when required without being intrusive.

10. Sustainable
Things being sustainable in terms of environmental, economic, durability, social unity or inclusivity.

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