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We are democratizing purpose for everyone. Our affordable annual membership gives you unlimited access to all the purpose courses, classes, workshops and forums. You'll also be able to connect, learn, share and collaborate with other purpose-explorers around the world.

Our members enjoy...


Social network features allow you to connect, chat, share, explore, learn and collaborate with purpose explorers from around the world.


4 innovative courses with more than 20 exciting exercises to help you explore, shape and live your purpose. With 50 pages of exercises, tips and tools.

specialist forums

5 moderated forums to help members progress their plans in Work, Entrepreneurship, Learning, Giving Back and Creative Expression.


3 online workshops with expert facilitators. In-person, experiential on Zoom. Learn and explore with other members. Powerful. Empowering.

Purpose missions

As the global network grows, so will our ability to leverage purpose to make positive change and impact around the world, aligned with the UN's SDGs.


Monthly reflection sessions for members to support, inspire and motivate one another to succeed. Guest speakers and expert advice.

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