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Invite 5-10% of your workforce to explore their purpose. Build a purposeful brand and culture. Drive engagement, retention, wellbeing and productivity. 

Discover new common ground.

"It is only possible to build purposeful organisations if the workers within 
it are able to articulate their own sense of purpose."

HR Director of client organisation with 2000 employees

The desire for purpose in our work and life is what we all share in common. It's equally powerful for people of all ages, diversities, backgrounds, seniority, job roles and locations.

Select your cohorts. Invite them to the workshops. We'll engage them in exploring their purpose story arc. We'll also work with you to embrace their inspiration and purposeful leadership back in the workplace.

We bring together members from participating organisations into CoLabs - creating non-competitive spaces for exploring the practice and benefits of purpose.

And our Intelligence Unit will provide you with new and powerful insights into the needs, wants, values and business opportunities that stem from igniting one's purpose at work.

Start small, test, learn and grow.
Experience the power of purpose for your organisation.

An effective pilot can be achieved with as few as 50 participants, lasting 4-6 months, and cost as little as £150/person.

75% of participants are more excited about their future.

68% are more creatively inspired.

65% have a more positive outlook.

64% experience a boost in self-confidence

64% are more curious to learn and explore.

60% feel more open and connected with others.

54% are less stressed or anxious.

51% discover greater purpose in their work.

47% are more effective team members.

42% can see a role for themselves as a purposeful leader.

44% enjoy their job more.

95% enjoy the workshops and rate them good or excellent.

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