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People are living longer, healthier and more productively than ever before. Being able to visualise and realise one's ideal future is as important to a 20 year-old as it is to someone in their 40s or 60s. 

The irony of the digital age is that while technology has made it easier for us to connect with people around the world, it has also made it easier for us to disconnect from the people right in front of us.

Sherry Turkle, Prof Social Studies, MIT

For Independent Financial Advisor and your clients...

Improve client meetings: Attending a workshop ahead of an annual review can help clients prepare to make financial decisions that match their values, aspirations, and long-term goals.

Strengthen client relationships: Inviting clients to explore their economic purpose adds value to your client offering.

Focus on the longer term: Encourage clients to focus on what they can control rather than market uncertainty. Build confidence in future outcomes.

Evidence 'Consumer Duty': Demonstrate commitment to regulatory requirements and enhanced communications.

Attract a new demographic: Our online workshops are equally impactful across all generations, supporting intergenerational family discussions and decisions.

Build a client community: Enhance relationships and improve referrals that drive growth.

For life coaches and mentors and your clients...

Trust and rapport: Open discussions about personal values strengthen the bond between life coach and client, fostering a trusting and supportive relationship.

Self-awareness: Participation in the workshops and community platform fosters deeper self-reflection, helping clients gain clarity on their values, passions, and life purpose.

Empowerment: Clients feel empowered to take ownership of their journey and make decisions that resonate with their authentic selves.

Continuous growth: Engaging in reflective practices promotes ongoing personal development and self-improvement.

Professional development: Encouraging client participation demonstrates a commitment to providing holistic support and staying attuned to clients' evolving needs and aspirations.

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