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We're helping build a purposeful society.

Please join us.

Jonathan Collie (doctor), Julia Randell-Khan (lawyer) and Deb Gale (gerontologist) share a common vision: of a world led by purpose, where people are empowered to live their best lives possible throughout their longer lives.

We have spent the past 13 years exploring opportunities around life-stage transition, intergenerational connection, ageing at all ages, and resilience across the life course. Our research in 2016 discovered that purpose is the most powerful motivating force that adults of all ages have in common.

The world is desperately in need of purpose. Society is fractured. Technology in simultaneously connecting and isolating us. Distrust and scepticism are growing. Generations are divided. More and more people are being marginalised and excluded. And our planet is dying. 


Our vision is of a global network of purposeful people - connecting, cooperating and converting purpose into action and impact, for the benefit of everyone.

We invite you to explore your purpose and make a positive difference with us.

team photo of jonathan, julia and deb

Our values

-   Putting people at the heart of everything we do.
-   Everyone has a story worth sharing and being heard.
-   The real power comes from our commonality and interdependence.
-   Approach the challenges of our time with urgent optimism.
-   Purpose as a catalyst for positive action and change, not a destination.

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