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Welcome to your purposeful future.

For your work, your life, 

your non-retirement.

Are you somewhere in midlife, mid-career?
Are you thinking about retirement? Or recently retired?

Visualise your future self. Do you feel inspired by what you see?

At The Purpose Xchange, we see a world where lived experience and wisdom are valued, where purpose is at the heart of everything, changing the way we live and work throughout our longer lives.

The Workshops. 3 online sessions with other members from around the world. Dynamic, facilitated exercises reaffirm what matters most to you, the value you bring and how you can convert purpose into action.

The Network. The workshops are the gateway to a global community of purposeful people. We meet monthly, often with topic experts, to reflect, share stories and build momentum.

The Flowback. Purpose is powerful. It builds confidence, drives ambition and inspires participation. Imagine the impact of purposeful people in our community, our economy and society at large. Productivity, engagement, retention, volunteering and wellbeing will all improve.

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Where are you now?

20 questions to get your mind in gear for the first workshop: "Purpose is Personal".

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