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We help people and organisations shape their futures around what matters most to them.

We're a growing community of purposeful people. Imagine the impact.

The Purpose Xchange provides workshops and a community platform that invites people at any age or career stage to discover a confident sense of identity and develop an inspired purposeful plan for work and life.

With over a decade of exploration and experience, including research and development for publicly funded grants in longevity, retirement transition, intergenerational cohesion, the future of work and economic purpose, the Purpose Xchange is equipped with insights aligned to our business model.

What people say after attending
our workshops...

63%   say their self-confidence is boosted.
68%   say they're more creatively inspired.
75%   are more excited about their future.
54%   are less stressed or anxious.
65%   have a more positive outlook on life.
60%   say they're more open and connected                 with others.

Working with purpose-driven organisations like...

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